2021.05 The book for my child. vol.4 "BUS" 69.6x49.0cm 42pages
2017.06 "Multitasking" Book Design 21.0×14.8cm 60P
2014.05 "0:00:10:09 15fps" x 10 books Book Design 14.8×10.5cm 320P
2014.02 "BACK TO NATURE" 19.2×14.8cm 50P
2013.12 "Portrait of Shibuya"  14.8×10.5cm 98P
2013.07 "PICTURE IN PICTURE" 18.2×12.8cm 40P ed.20
2012.02 "Abstraction of Memory" 12.5×17.8cm 20P ed.10
2011.09 "UNCERTAIN MEMORY" 12.5×17.8cm 20P ed.10
2011.09 "CURTAIN" 12.5×17.8cm 20P ed.10
2009.03 "Flying Boy" Book Design B5 size 16P Ed.10
2005.02 "Flying Boy"