2021.05 The book for my child. vol.4 "BUS" 69.6x49.0cm 42pages
2021.05 Arisa Odawara "work, sleep, and dream" DM 20.8×14.8cm Offset print
2021.04 "フィルカル" Vol.6 No.1 Book Design 21.0×14.8cm 416 pages
2021.03 "Images are for illustration purposes" Book Design 25.8×21.0cm 104 pages
2021.03 "ISH-0-07" Book Design / Photo  18.2 x 12.8cm 74 pages
2021.03 Mayumi Yamase "Floating Particles" DM 14.8×10.0cm Offset print
2021.02 Meriyasu Kataoka "Dr.Spanner" DM 15.0×12.7cm On-demand print
2021.02 "いのちとリスクの哲学" Cover Design 18.2 x 12.8cm 398 pages
2021.01 "memethinking"  Image Design